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We thank you for your support and look forward to 2006.

We have revised our Package Trip schedule for '06. You can click-thru on the link above or below for more information. And don't forget - if you have any questions - feel free to ask.

Be sure to mark your calendar for these FFPA '06 trips:
Penns Creek - June 10-11
Penns Creek - Sep 30-Oct 1
New Jersey Saltwater - Nov 11-12

Of course we always have our Business Person's Specials and Evening Floats on the Lehigh

April 28, 2006 - Update

It looks like a great weekend for fly fishing! Good flows, and nice weather, combined with hatching insects.... can’t beat that! We will be out hopefully scouting the Lehigh, and who knows, we might just get the clack out for its inaugural Lehigh float. Regardless look for some sort of report after the weekend. See you on the water.

As many of you are aware. The PFBC has enacted a NEW Guide Permitting program for any and all folks who take people out fishing. We want to make sure all our clients know that FFPA is in full compliance with this new program, and it should not be long before we can adorn both our drift boats with that spiffy new Guide Permit Decal.

FYI...The low-head dam on the Lehigh in the town of Palmerton has now been removed! This is great news for both the float fisherman and kayakers/rafters.

April 17, 2006 - Good Friday Float - Upper D Mainstem

Does the Upper D ever disappoint? I do not think so! This past Friday we were dialed in with the big fish finder set-up. The crew moved double digit numbers, stuck a handful, and broke-off one; and most of them were big - 18"+. In all three fish came to net, with big flies and sinking lines being the ultimate setup. We used 5 and 6's, but a 7wt would have eased the pain of an all day throw-n-strip-fest. With the gin-clear water the visuals were unreal! The brownie pictured bottom right boiled so hard on the streamer it looked like a striper blasting a crease fly! Long throws were a must - 60-70' - despite the blurred trout vision created by the steady rain.

Risers...we had a few targets here and there at the beginning of the float around Equinunk, but we fished them half-assed 'cause we had a lot of water to cover yet, and we thought we'd get more targets later...that never happened though. Just more rain. Bugs are going to pop any second, but until them, you need to throw them meat. Hatches included a few hendricksons and blue quills. Water temp was about 54F. The Upper D is one sick fishery!

This was the fly of choice...white marabou clouser. Long casts and very erratic strips and pauses and slips put just the right action on the fly to initiate the strikes. Throughout the day we got fish in all sorts of different water conditions - ranging from deeper channels to tailouts. For the most part the fish really seemed to be on the feed and keyed in on eating this type of forage.

Check out those lips!! Taped at 21".

Football fat! This one crushed a white streamer in a side channel.

Rainbows were mysteriously absent during our trip. Maybe they were still on their spawn...but it could be they just do not readily hit streamers. Also, this now makes a two trips in a row to this river system in which we got into 20"+ fish. Click here to check out our August 2005 report.

April 11, 2006 - Valley Creek and Penns Report

April is here and so are the rising fish. Some of the better caddis action witnessed on Valley in years has been taking place. It is really amazing how this stream continues to chug along despite all that we continuously throw at it. If you fish Valley - be sure to give something back by getting involved with the local TU chapter - Valley Forge Chapter Trout Unlimited. We have a fishery because of them.

Over the weekend while scouting and fishing there were fish coming up in all the usual spots eagerly taking apple green caddis - size 16/18 as well as crane flies. The caddis did the trick with most fish slashing at the imitation like it was their last meal! And maybe I got lucky, but all the fish were decent size. Poke around this week if you get a chance - there is no reason why the action should not continue.

We also have word that Penns Creek is fishing well, despite being on the low side...just like all other streams! Some quill gordons have been observed, but as usual nymphing is the way to go. As is par for the course this time of year on Penns...our little black wired stone is slaying fish. In the first few hours of the day - before the sun gets up and over the ridge and its rays began to penetrate the water - the LB stone has been trout candy! Glad to see Penns is just like we left her last year! Remember the water is low and clear, so you will need a stealthy approach. Sight nymph fishing might even be an effective means. That is if they do not see you before you see them. See you on the water.

Valley Creek caddis eater.