November 2011 Report

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November 11, 2011 - Francis E Walter Dam Release Plan Meeting

Come out and support the fishery! Just a couple of items we will be advocating for next year are more angling opportunity days during the prime-time of the season and more water in the river during non-whitewater release days. Especially during the heat of the summer. The Lehigh needs your support.

November 1, 2011 - Oak Orchard, NY Report

One half of FFPA was recently able to make it up to Oak Orchard to chase big browns and steelies. As is always the case with the Great Lakes tribs the pressure was heavy, but if one is willing to look you can usually carve out a bit of space, and make the most of it. Going mid-week is also a big help, and there is most definitely less pressure during the workweek.

Drifting eggs under an indicator was by far the most effective. What was interesting though was that the browns seemed to favor estaz style egg patterns while the steel preferred to dine either standard yarn glo-balls for even those hard plastic beads that you can peg to the hook. They really took a liking to them in fact.

Obviously there was still some salmon around, but they were rather old and nasty looking, so the focus remained zeroed in on the browns and steel. Fun fishing.