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Janaury 31, 2010 - Wyoming - Non Fishing Report

No fly rod would make this trip out west to Wyoming. Just a set of skis and a pair of boots would accompany me on the flight west. Up to the point of this trip, that took place back in mid-January, the ski season in the northern Rockies was nothing to write home about. Seasonal snowfall to date was only at 50-60% of norm...so the powder hounds were starving, to say the least. Would this be the year that trended away from the previous couple of years of good snow pack and subsequent great river flows the following summers?

Well, with some good timing, and prolly more good luck than anything else, the snows coincided with this trip. There is just nothing like skiing stashes of fresh POW. It just makes every run special. Kinda like hitting that all-day beach-blitz with the bunker pinned in the trough, and the predators at your feet! You just hope it never ends! Anyway, it is good to see the snows flying out west. Good snows equal good fishing when it comes to that area of the world.

Janaury 28, 2010 - SE PA Midging

Finally got in some New Year fishing and the fish did not disappoint. Fortunately on this day, in the flattest pieces of water, the trout were looking up. During the heat of the day on this particular limestoner, the midges made enough of a presence to get the trout eating off the top. Definitely can't beat late-January dry fly fishing.

On this day the flies that produced the most were a simple black midge - - size 22 - - tied onto the end of a 6x tippet. All this pattern consists of is a thread body, and a few wraps of black hackle near the eye. The other fly the trout just could not refuse was a size 22 olive comparadun. This is a pattern not normally used on our end to imitate a midge, but on this day it produced. It was also very easy to spot, at the end of a very long cast. As is always the case, a stealthy approach is best. And if you can stay out of the water, the better off you will be. If you make too much wake - - forget about it. You will put down the fish.

Since this outing though, conditions have changed dramatically. But give it some time, and no doubt, before the winter season is over, the midges will be back.

Janaury 22, 2010 - Somerset - Lehigh River

Don't forget about the Somerset Fly Fishing Show this weekend. FFPA will be on hand at the Rivers Outdoor Adventures booth along with members of the Lehigh Coldwater Fishery Alliance talking about all the important items going on with the Lehigh. Also, if you sign up and become a member, you'll get the opportunity to win and Orvis Rod and Reel! So stop on by and say hello and learn how you can assist in transforming this river into a premier tailwater fishery.

Janaury 1 , 2010

Happy New Year. May your 2010 be full of big trout and even bigger saltwater fish!