December 2004 Report
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It looks like the wheels are in motion to begin implementation of a better resource management plan for the Francis E. Walter Reservior and the Lehigh River. We were party to a meeting that discussed the preliminary aspects of this plan and it is one that we are very excited about. Obviously, this is something that has been a long time coming and it will not be achieved overnight. If this something that concerns you – send us an email. We will surely point you to the correct organizations who are working to achieve this goal.

Happy Holidays from Fly Fish Pennsylvania!
We thank you for your support and look forward to 2005.

We have plenty lined up for the coming year. With the fantiastic flows we have had over the past three years the PA trout fishing should be fantastic in '05. We can't wait!! Please continue to check back for updates on our trips as well as the web site enhancements we have on tap.

Be sure to mark your calendar for these FFPA '05 trips:
Penns Creek - Apr 30-May 1
Spring Creek - May 20-21
Penns Creek - Oct 1-2
New Jersey Saltwater - Nov 12-13

Of course we always have our Business Person's Specials and Evening Floats on the Lehigh

We would also like to announce that Fly Fish PA has been named to the
Ross Reel Pro Team. Be sure to check'em out when considering a purchase.

Top quality reels, reasonable price, made in USA - 'nuff said!!

On top of all this - 2005 should mark the beginning of a new direction in management for the Lehigh River. Now that the road project is complete, the wheels are in motion to finally get new flow scenerios in place. According to the agencies the public will be involved. The potential this river has for a wild trout fishery is enormous.

If you have any question, feel free to send us an email

Happy New Year!

December 20, 2004 - UPDATE

Enjoy the season! Travels and such have us tied up until after the New Year as life has consumed us!!!! Our Package Deals has been updated. Check'em out!!

December 11, 2004 - UPDATE

With the cold weather approaching many of us will still want to get out on the local trout waters. A safe bet in the wintertime is always a local tailwater - the Tully or even the Po might be worth a try - here in eastern PA. Subtle strikes and lots of split shot are the norm for an effective fishing outing. However, if you hit a limestoner you might actually get into some dry fly action..

On free-flowing streams like Penns, where flows have been rippin as of late, water temps will certainly hold up better than if we were in a low-flow period. If this trend continues, a winter outing on Penns or any stream, can be quite enjoyable and break the cabin fever syndrome.

Yup! The above is NJ. Check out those conditions!! The boats actually cut the fish off from coming in tight.
Somehow that just does not seem right - there should be a law against that kinda BS!!!!!

December 5, 2004 - UPDATE

Not a whole lot going on right now. We are still finding lots of bait along the coast, but for the most part it is staying well offshore. If you have access to a boat you'd just hammer them. For the shore-bound guys it has been tough. However, any suttle wind shift is all it takes to light it up.

Most local streams are now fishable after last week's heavy rains. We've got some new stuff planned for '05 - so keep an eye out.

NOTE: What a rough couple of days it has been for the lower Delaware - no doubt this will have repercussions for many years to come. This horrible event just goes to show how vulnerable our waterways are. In fact, events like this can easily push someone over the limit and light that fire to get involved with a watershed group. Here at FFPA we belong to many groups, this is our way of giving back to what we enjoy greatly.

For a complete list of groups we are involved with, shoot on over to our links page and read more about them.